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Deploy a Web Application Using Ansible

Learn to create and manage an Ansible playbook in this project. We’ll configure, build, and run a React application in the command-line interface (CLI).

Deploy a Web Application Using Ansible

You will learn to:

Create a playbook for Ansible.

Deploy a React application.

Run the ad hoc commands of Ansible.

Automate tasks using Ansible.



Application Deployment

Task Automation


Basic knowledge of JavaScript

Basic deployment knowledge




Project Description

Ansible is a simple IT automation tool that can automate cloud provisioning, deploy applications, manage configurations, and various other IT tasks.

In this project, we’ll use Ansible to deploy a memory game made in React. We’ll set up the complete application. We’ll clone, build, and deploy the application.

We’ll install Node.js and build the application using npm and then deploy the application using the Ansible playbook.

The application will look as follows:

Memory game interface

Project Tasks


Building Blocks

Task 0: Explore the Game

Task 1: Add the Web Server to the Inventory

Task 2: Create a Playbook Using an Ad Hoc Command

Task 3: Specify Hosts Configuration in the Playbook


Constructing the Playbook

Task 4: Add a Task to Install Aptitude

Task 5: Install the curl and wget Packages

Task 6: Install the Required Packages

Task 7: Install NodeJS

Task 8: Build the Application

Task 9: Run the Application

Task 10: Run the Playbook