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Develop Microservices Using Spring Boot

Build a full stack application using Spring Boot and Thymeleaf. Add Spring Security and OAuth to secure the application. Structure the application using Spring Boot along with Thymeleaf templates.

Develop Microservices Using Spring Boot

You will learn to:

Implement Spring Boot entities.

Create microservices using Spring Boot.

Implement the Spring Security.

Implement the OAuth2 Security.



Java Event Handling

Web Development


Basic knowledge of Thymeleaf

Basic Knowledge of Google Cloud Platform

Intermediate Knowledge of Spring Boot




Spring Boot

Project Description

Spring Boot is an open-source Java-based framework to create a microservice. Microservice is an architecture allowing developers to develop and deploy services independently.

In this project, we will create microservices using Spring Boot and Thymeleaf. We’ll handle all the configurations of the OAuth. We’ll also create entities, services, and repositories for the Spring Boot application and the Spring Controllers for the full stack application.

The controllers will handle all the navigations in the application. In this multi-page application, we’ll use Thymeleaf as the front end to create templates.

Project Tasks


Getting Started

Task 0: Introduction


Building Blocks

Task 1: Create the Item Entity

Task 2: Create the Repository for the Item Entity

Task 3: Create the User Class

Task 4: Create the Repository for the User Class

Task 5: Create the CartItem Class

Task 6: Create a Cart for the Inventory


Functional Components

Task 7: Create an Inventory Service

Task 8: Add More to the Service

Task 9: Add the Remove Functionality in the Cart


OAuth Authentication

Task 10: Add Credentials for OAuth

Task 11: Handle the OAuth Authentication in the Controller


Cart Functional Components

Task 12: Add POST and DELETE Map

Task 13: Add Elements to the Front End


Run the Application

Task 14: Build and Execute the Jar