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E-commerce Store in Vue.js With Payment Integration

In this project, we'll create an e-commerce application using Fake API as the data source and handle payments using Square API. We'll also learn to add products to a cart and handle all the operations required for a successful checkout.

E-commerce Store in Vue.js With Payment Integration

You will learn to:

Develop frontend using Vue.js.

Fetch data from an API.

Implement a cart for an e-commerce application.

Process payments using an API.


Web Development

Web Frameworks

API Integration


Basic understanding of JavaScript

Basic knowledge of Vue.js





Square API

Fake Store API

Project Description

In this project, all the necessary libraries and tools to create an e-commerce store using Vue.js are provided. The application will be built using Vue.js and Tailwind. Vue.js is a frontend web framework of JavaScript, which is used for building user interfaces and single-page applications for web projects.

The benefits of Vue.js are as follows:

  • It is virtual DOM.

  • It is simple to learn and easily customizable.

  • It is efficient and supports two-way binding.

The customer can view all the products and add them to the cart. A payment method via the Square API has been implemented in this project. We'll integrate the Square API into the application to accept payments from users.

We'll also use the Fake Store API, which provides data for e-commerce websites. We'll use it to fetch and display product categories and the products themselves in the store. The product data will be fetched from the Fake Store API, allowing users to add products to the cart and make payments. We'll use Square API for payments. The frontend of the application will be as follows:

Frontend of the application
Frontend of the application

Project Tasks


Application Structure

Task 0: Introduction



Task 1: Implement Home Page and Category Section

Task 2: Fetch Data from Fake Store API

Task 3: View All Products of a Specific Category

Task 4: Implement the Add-to-Cart Functionality

Task 5: List Products on the Cart Page

Task 6: Implement the Remove-from-Cart Functionality

Task 7: Increase/Decrease the Quantity of Product from the Cart

Task 8: Integrate the Payment Method

Task 9: Create the Checkout Functionality

Task 10: Show the Payment Successful Page