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E-Commerce Store With Stripe API Integration

In this project, we'll learn how to build an e-commerce store with payment integration using the Stripe API. We'll enable users to add products to a cart and accept payments for those products.

E-Commerce Store With Stripe API Integration

You will learn to:

Create a React application.

Use the functional components of React.

Use Redux and React Hooks to develop the application.

Integrate API with React application.

Use Material UI tools to design the layout.

Use the Axios library to connect React components to a simple Express.js server.


Web Development

API Integration

Payment Processing


Good understanding of JavaScript

Good understanding of Redux

Basic knowledge of Node.js and Express

Basic understanding of React functional components, states, and Hooks

Basic understanding of Fetching Data in React





Material UI

Fake Store API

Project Description

In this project, we’ll build an e-commerce store with cart and payment functionalities. We’ll also integrate the Stripe API into our application to accept payments from users for the products added to their cart.

We’ll also use the Fake Store API that provides data for e-commerce websites. We’ll use it to fetch and display product categories and the products themselves in the store.

We’ll use the Express framework on Node.js to develop the server API. After implementing the front-end components and adding the payment functionality, we will set up a server to process those payments. The finalized product will fetch the product data from the Fake Store API, allowing users to add products to the cart and make Stripe payments via the Node.js server.

The components in the application are styled in a way to provide you with an initial template of the application. You can style and customize them as you want.

Project Tasks



Task 0: Getting Started

Task 1: Get and Add the API Key


Develop the Header and Footer Components

Task 2: Implement the Header Component

Task 3: Implement the Footer Component

Task 4: Import the Header and Footer Components


Develop the Shop Page

Task 5: Create a Redux Slice for Store

Task 6: Implement the ShopPage Component

Task 7: Import the ShopPage Component

Task 8: Implement the ProductsList Component

Task 9: Import the ProductsList Component

Task 10: Create an Add-to-Cart Reducer

Task 11: Implement the ProductCard Component

Task 12: Import and Style the ProductCard Component


Develop the Cart and Checkout Components

Task 13: Create Reducers to Manage Product Quantity in Cart

Task 14: Implement the EmptyCart Component

Task 15: Implement the CheckoutPage Component

Task 16: Style the CheckoutPage Component


Develop the Payment Components

Task 17: Implement the PaymentSuccessful Component

Task 18: Implement the PaymentPage Component

Task 19: Import and Style the PaymentPage component


Develop the Server

Task 20: Set up a Node.js Server

Task 21: Run the Server