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Flight Reservation System Using PHP CodeIgniter4

Learn to build a flight reservation website that displays flight information and allows booking and PayPal payment services. We'll use CodeIgniter4, a PHP framework, to develop an interactive website with AJAX calls.

Flight Reservation System Using PHP CodeIgniter4

You will learn to:

Create a website using CodeIgniter4.

Master your skills in writing PHP code.


Web Frameworks

Web Development

Mvc and Layered Applications


Good understanding of PHP

Familiar with MVC pattern




Project Description

In this project, we’ll develop a flight reservation website using CodeIgnitor4.

CodeIgnitor4 is a PHP framework that allows us to develop projects faster than writing code from scratch. It provides a vast set of libraries to accomplish our tasks and also provides a simple interface and logical structure to access these libraries. We’ll implement the MVC (Model View Controller) software architectural pattern using CodeIgnitor4.

We’ll build this project step by step. Initially, we’ll fetch and display one-way flights using AJAX calls. Then, using the same technique, we’ll also return the information about the return flights. The flight data will be fetched from an SQL file.

Ultimately, we’ll implement the booking module and integrate the PayPal payment service into the booking module.

Project Tasks


Create Static Page

Task 0: Get Started

Task 1: Fetch the Available Flights

Task 2: Create the Flight Controller

Task 3: Add the Flight Route

Task 4: Create AJAX Call on the Index Page

Task 5: Fetch Return Flights

Task 6: Update the getFlights() Function in the Controller

Task 7: Update the AJAX Call on the Index Page

Task 8: Fetch the Single Flight Data


Flight Booking

Task 9: Create Models & Controllers

Task 10: Update the User Model

Task 11: Update the Booking Model

Task 12: Update the Home Controller

Task 13: Add the Booking Route


PayPal Service

Task 14: Integrate PayPal

Task 15: Update View on Successful Booking