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Generating New Music with Artificial Intelligence

In this project, we’ll use the open-source framework AudioCraft from Meta AI to generate original music compositions in different genres. We’ll also customize the output by providing input instruction and fine-tune the model.

Generating New Music with Artificial Intelligence

You will learn to:

Utilize the concepts of AI-based music generation.

Develop a user interface for the music generation system.

Generate music in different genres.

Compare audio outputs generated with different prompts.


Machine Learning

AI Frameworks

Prompt Engineering


Python programming

Basics of machine learning

Familiarity with open-source frameworks

Basic understanding of prompt engineering



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Project Description

In this project, we’ll combine our technical and creative skills to generate unique music using pretrained AI frameworks. We’ll code interactive programs in Python that allow users to input text descriptions (prompts) of musical styles and instruments and hear the AI-generated music that matches the prompts. Throughout the project, we’ll experiment with different prompts to learn how AI models create music.

We’ll gain practical experience in GUI programming and event handling by building an interactive UI for music generation. This will further allow us to connect UI components like text boxes and buttons to Python code that call the functions to generate music. Additionally, we’ll explore how prompts impact the quality and variety of AI-generated music. Lastly, we’ll compare outputs from different prompts to understand the power of prompt engineering.

Project Tasks


Introduction and Setup

Task 0: Get Started

Task 1: Import Packages


Generate Music

Task 2: Load the Pretrained Model

Task 3: Configure Model Parameters

Task 4: Generate Music


Build an Interactive UI

Task 5: Create an Input Text Box

Task 6: Create a Button

Task 7: Connect UI to the Model


Prompt Engineering

Task 8: Refine Prompts