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Generating Text Summaries Using OpenAI API with Vue.js and Flask

In this project, we’ll build a full stack web application that summarizes any text using Vue.js, Flask, and OpenAI API. We’ll learn to use these cutting-edge technologies to create a GenAI solution.

Generating Text Summaries Using OpenAI API with Vue.js and Flask

You will learn to:

Build a full stack web application.

Engineer complex prompts.

Create applications using generative AI.

Use OpenAI’s Chat Completions API.


Full Stack Development

Prompt Engineering

Large Language Models (LLMs)

API Integration


Basic understanding of Python programming language

Basic understanding of asynchronous JavaScript

Working knowledge of Flask and Vue.js






Project Description

In this project, we’ll leverage the power of OpenAI’s Chat Completions API to create a full stack web application using Flask and Vue.js. The frontend will allow users to input the text they want to be summarized, which will then be transmitted to the backend. The backend, in turn, will communicate with the OpenAI’s Chat Completions API utilizing carefully crafted prompts to extract the summary. The final step will involve presenting the summarized content in an accessible manner.

To enhance the project, we’ll implement advanced features such as custom personas and dynamic word limits. These additions will enable the users to tailor their interactions, providing a deeper understanding of constructing intricate prompts for OpenAI’s Chat Completions API. 

Here’s a glimpse of what the final application will look like:

Project Tasks



Task 0: Get Started


Create the Frontend

Task 1: Create a Simple Website Using Vue.js

Task 2: Create the Input Form

Task 3: Create the Output Element

Task 4: Make a Request to the Backend


Set Up the Backend

Task 5: Create a Simple Backend

Task 6: Update the Backend URL

Task 7: Call OpenAI


Create the Prompt

Task 8: Create a Summary Prompt

Task 9: Add the Persona Feature

Task 10: Make the Persona Dynamic

Task 11: Add the Word Count Feature

Task 12: Make the Word Count Dynamic

Task 13: Test the Web Application