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Go Green: Create a Recycling App Using Angular and Spring Boot

In this project, we'll create a REST API using Spring Boot and get hands-on experience in creating a database. We'll create a fully functional frontend using Angular application architecture. We'll create controllers, components, and services following the Spring Boot structure.

Go Green: Create a Recycling App Using Angular and Spring Boot

You will learn to:

Implement models in Spring Boot.

Implement REST API in Spring Boot.

Implement frontend of Angular in Angular application architecture.

Create and populate a database.

Handle exceptions on client side and server side.


Web Development

Web Frameworks

API Development



Advanced knowledge of Java

Knowledge of MySQL

Knowledge of Angular application Architecture

Knowledge of Spring Boot annotations

Knowledge of JWT tokens





Spring Boot

Project Description

The application we’ll create in this project is a recycling app that shows the types of waste. The user can select the type of waste, add the quantity they want to recycle, and get a discount on the total amount.

In this project, we’ll create a web application using Spring Boot, Angular, and MySQL. We’ll handle all the configurations for the MySQL database. We’ll start by creating models and then proceed to create repositories and services and handle configurations and controllers for the REST API. We’ll top it off with exception handling on the backend.

We’ll create the database and run the queries for handling products. Furthermore, we’ll handle all the configurations for the application.

The last part of the project will consist of creating a frontend using Angular. The frontend will contain the Angular model, its services, and its application components.

Project Tasks



Task 0: Introduction


Use Spring Boot to Develop the Backend

Task 1: Create the User Model

Task 2: Implement the Cart

Task 3: Create Repositories

Task 4: Create the UserService Class

Task 5: Create the ProductService Class

Task 6: Create the CartItemService Class

Task 7: Create the JWT User Service

Task 8: Create JWT Utility

Task 9: Create Security Configurations

Task 10: Create the JWT Request Filter

Task 11: Create the API Controller

Task 12: Create the JWT Authentication Controller

Task 13: Handle the Exceptions


Configure a Database Using MySQL

Task 14: Create a Database User and Run Application


Use Angular to Develop the Frontend

Task 15: Create the App View

Task 16: Create Angular Models

Task 17: Create the Cart Item Services

Task 18: Create the Product Service

Task 19: Create the Users' Service

Task 20: Create the Search Function

Task 21: Create the Login and Register Component

Task 22: Create the Product and User’s Detail Component