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Integrate Multiple Authentication Providers Using Firebase

Learn how to add multiple authentication providers such as Google, Facebook, and GitHub using Firebase and create a functional authentication interface to be integrated into web applications.

Integrate Multiple Authentication Providers Using Firebase

You will learn to:

Create and manage React states.

Integrate API with React application.

Integrate Firebase Authentication in a React application.

Add data to Firestore Database through Javascript.


Web Development

API Integration



Good understanding of JavaScript

Basic understanding of React and its components

Basic understanding of Firebase

Basic understanding of developer app setups on social media platforms





Project Description

In this project, we’ll build a login/signup form to be integrated into our web applications. We’ll work with Firebase Authentication to add new users and authenticate them. We’ll use a sample e-commerce store application with Stripe API integration. The project also demonstrates how you can store order data in Firebase for record-keeping purposes.

Furthermore, we will also add the capability for users to log in via multiple social media accounts.

Project Tasks



Task 0: Get Started

Task 1: Connect Stripe Payment

Task 2: Build the Login Component

Task 3: Style the Login Component

Task 4: Add Login Screen Routing


Connect Firebase

Task 5: Initialize Firebase Project

Task 6: Add the Sign-up Functionality

Task 7: Add Login Functionality

Task 8: Add Social Media Authentication

Task 9: Add Github Login

Task 10: Add Logout Functionality

Task 11: Manage Orders


Test the Application

Task 12: Run the Server

Task 13: Run the Application