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Learn to Localize a React Web App Using React Intl

In this project, we will learn how to adapt website content based on a user's preference, enabling the website to engage with a wider audience and enhance accessibility for individuals from different countries and regions.

Learn to Localize a React Web App Using React Intl

You will learn to:

Develop a Single-Page Application with React.js.

Enable navigation between various pages without the need for page reloads.

Incorporate the useContext hook for efficient state management.

Integrate the react-intl library for localization.


Web Development

Front-end Development

Configuring and Localizing Applications


Basic understanding of React functional components and hooks

Good understanding of JavaScript

Basic understanding of styling web applications using CSS



Project Description

In this project, we will learn to create a simple web app using React. We will break it down into smaller React components comprising text, numbers, and dates and also learn to navigate between these pages without the need to refresh the entire page. Moreover, we will use plain CSS to improve its visual appeal.

Once the website is ready, we will add a language selection drop-down. Users can select their preferred language from a drop-down menu, and the website will translate all content, including numbers and dates, into the selected language. We will use the react-intl library to achieve localization and make sure the website is accessible to people from various parts of the world.

Project Tasks



Task 0: Getting Started


Build a Simple Web App

Task 1: Create the Header Component

Task 2: Create a Text Component

Task 3: Create a Number Component

Task 4: Create a DateTime Component

Task 5: Implement Navigation Routes in the Header

Task 6: Apply CSS Styles to the App


Implement Translations

Task 7: Create a Language Drop-down

Task 8: Add Translations for Languages

Task 9: Create a Context to Manage the Language

Task 10: Manage Language Change from the Drop-down

Task 11: Use Formatted Components of React Intl

Task 12: Exploring Additional Props of FormattedMessage