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Networking and Security on the AWS

Learn to apply basic concepts of networking and securing the applications on AWS. We'll use multiple AWS resources like VPC, subnets, routing tables, routes, internet gateway protocol, security groups, and other EC2 resources to run a custom AWS instance. We'll use different AWS commands on the CLI to carry out this project.

Networking and Security on the AWS

You will learn to:

Apply multiple AWS CLI commands

Use multiple Amazon EC2 services

Explore the Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) and subnet network

Set up routes to the internet gateway and subnets


Networking and Services

Cloud Deployment

Internet/Access Networks

Using AWS Cloud Services


Good understanding of AWS CLI

Basic understanding of AWS EC2 resources





Project Description

In this project, we’ll apply basic networking concepts using AWS CLI. AWS networking services allow users to separate their cloud infrastructure, ramp up workload requests and connect the physical network to private virtual networks.

We’ll execute a custom EC2 instance in this project. Here are some of the stepping stones to execute our custom EC2 instance:

  • The creation of a Virtual Private Cloud (VPC)
  • The creation of public Subnets within this VPC
  • The creation and association of Routing Table and Routes with VPC
  • The creation and configuration of Security Groups
  • The creation of an AWS key pair

For most users, the AWS services used in the project are free, but a few users might be charged for some services. Please follow this link for Amazon EC2 pricing information.

Project Tasks


Initial Setup

Task 0: Get Started

Task 1: AWS CLI Configuration

Task 2: Get Available Zones


Amazon Virtual Private Cloud and Subnets

Task 3: Create a New VPC

Task 4: Enable DNS Hostnames

Task 5: Create Subnets


Public Subnets

Task 6: Fetch the Subnet ID

Task 7: Create an Internet Gateway

Task 8: Attach the Internet Gateway to the VPC

Task 9: Create a Route Table

Task 10: Create a Route

Task 11: Associate the Route Table to Subnets

Task 12: Enable Public IPv4 Addresses for Subnets


Security Groups

Task 13: Create Security Groups

Task 14: Add Rules to the ssh-access Security Group

Task 15: Add Rules to the https-access Security Group


AWS Instance

Task 16: Create AWS Key Pair

Task 17: Run an Instance

Task 18: Test the Instance


Clean Up

Task 19: Terminate the Instance

Task 20: Delete the Remaining AWS Resources