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Secure Document Storage System Using Blockchain

In this project, we will deploy a smart contract written in Solidity. This smart contract will contain the logic to store documents on the blockchain. Moreover, the web application's frontend, which is implemented in ReactJS, will interact with the smart contract.

Secure Document Storage System Using Blockchain

You will learn to:

Write smart contracts in Solidity.

Deploy a smart contract on Goerli testnet.

Integrate a smart contract with the frontend of a web app.


Blockchain Deployment

Web 3.0 App Development

Blockchain Development


Intermediate understanding of Solidity

Intermediate understanding of ReactJS




Project Description

In this project, you will build a blockchain system that stores e-documents efficiently, ensures the documents’ authenticity, and secures access to them so that no outsider can tamper with the documents.

The application will allow users to upload, edit, and delete documents using a specific owner account. Moreover, multiple users will be able to view a document simultaneously. The application will also allow the user to find any document uploaded on the blockchain.

First, you’ll write a smart contract and then deploy it on the Goerli testnet. Next, you’ll integrate your smart contract with the web app’s frontend.

Project Tasks



Task 0: Get Started


Create a Smart Contract

Task 1: Mint the Document

Task 2: Update the Document

Task 3: Burn the Document

Task 4: Map the Token URIs

Task 5: Get Token Metadata

Task 6: Deploy the Smart Contract on the Goerli Testnet


Integration of Frontend and Smart Contract

Task 7: Configure the Website with the Smart Contract

Task 8: Load Blockchain Data

Task 9: Connect to MetaMask Wallet

Task 10: Mint a New Document

Task 11: List the Minted Documents on the Web App

Task 12: Update an Existing Document

Task 13: Burn an Existing Token