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Speech Recognition With Whisper

In this project, we’ll learn how to fine-tune the Whisper speech recognition model by OpenAI.

Speech Recognition With Whisper

You will learn to:

Load the dataset using Hugging Face Hub.

Load the Whisper model and its preprocessor from the Hugging Face Hub.

Fine-tune the Whisper model.

Compute the word error rate (WER) metric to evaluate the model.


Deep Learning

Artificial Intelligence

Automatic Speech Recognition


Basic knowledge of deep learning

Basic knowledge of Hugging Face

Basic theory of speech recognition





Hugging Face

Project Description

Automatic speech recognition is the task of transcribing speech from audio. Current speech recognition models only perform well on in-distribution data (data similar to that on which the model was trained). OpenAI introduced the Whisper model in September 2022. The model has been trained on 680,000 Hrs of speech and is very robust to out-of-distribution data. The data comprises transcribed speech in English plus 96 other languages. The model has also been trained on the task of translating transcriptions, where the speech is translated from these 96 other languages and transcribed in English.

In this project, we will start by loading the whisper model from Hugging Face Hub. We will compute the word error rate (WER) metric for the default checkpoint, fine-tune it on a small subset of the “Librispeech” dataset, and then compute its WER again on the test set.

Project Tasks


Get Started

Task 0: Introduction

Task 1: Load the Libraries

Task 2: Prepare the Environment

Task 3: Load the Dataset

Task 4: Compute the WER of the Default Model


Prepare for Training

Task 5: Display the Loaded Data

Task 6: Prepare the Dataset


Training and Evaluation

Task 7: Define a Data Collator

Task 8: Define Evaluation Methods

Task 9: Define Training Configuration

Task 10: Train the Model

Task 11: Evaluate the Model

Task 12: Deploy with Gradio