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Using Git Bisect to Identify the Source of a Bug

In this project, we’ll learn how to use the git bisect command to pinpoint the first commit that introduced a bug and automate the process.

Using Git Bisect to Identify the Source of a Bug

You will learn to:

Pinpoint the origin of a bug using the git bisect command.

Write a shell script to ​automate the git bisect process.



Version Control


Basic knowledge of shell script

Basic knowledge of Git CLI

Basic knowledge of Maven




Apache Maven

Project Description

Developers often come across bugs in applications and may wonder how long they've been present in the codebase. It can be challenging to identify the initial commit that introduced the bug, especially in codebases with many commits.

This project aims to showcase how the git bisect command can be used to locate the commit that first introduced the bug. Additionally, we'll illustrate how to automate the git bisect process using a shell script to minimize manual effort.

Project Tasks

Task 0: Introduction

Task 1: Start the Process and Mark the Good Commit

Task 2: Mark the Bad Commit

Task 3: Help Git Perform the Binary Search

Task 4: View the Logs

Task 5: Write a Bash Script for Running Tests

Task 6: Automate Git Bisect