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Working With Containerlab

In this project, we will see how Containerlab can be used to create, visualize, and deploy different kinds of networking labs.

Working With Containerlab

You will learn to:

Build a network topology file from scratch.

Deploy and test networking labs.

Visualize the created network topology.

Configure and access nodes in Containerlab.


Docker Network

Networking and Services

Container Management


Basic understanding of networks

Basic understanding of writing YAML files



Container lab

Project Description

Containerlab is a tool for deploying and testing networks. We can build complete networking labs with few resources on a single system. It is great for preliminary testing before setting up a lab and will help identify any breakdowns or failures in the framework beforehand. In this project, we’ll learn the basics of Containerlab and how it works. We’ll do that by making and deploying simple network topologies.

Project Tasks



Task 0: Get Started

Task 1: Create a Basic Topology File

Task 2: Deploy the Lab

Task 3: Connect to Nodes and Test Connectivity

Task 4: Destroy a Lab


Building Leaf-Spine Network

Task 5: Create the Topology File

Task 6: Create the Network Graph

Task 7: View the Network Status

Task 8: Examine Connections