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What are the five elements of UX design?

Sheza Munir

The five elements of UX design is one of the most common frameworks used by UX designers to create successful designs.

The five elements (in order of abstract to concrete) consist of strategy, scope, structure, skeleton, and surface. Each layer depends and builds upon the layer below it.


The first layer is strategy. In this phase, the designer gathers information and lays the foundation while keeping in view the needs of the users and business objectives. The designer researches who the userseveryone who will use the product and the end-usersa specific group of users the product is intended for are, as well as their needs, pain points, etc.


In the next layer, the designer decides on the idea and type of content they are designing. They set their requirements and goals.

Functional requirements include functions and features that need to be added.

Content requirements delineate the theme, images audio, videos that will help in creating value and fulfilling requirements.


The third layer is structure. Here the designer decides the organization of the design, and how the system will behave when the user interacts with the product.

Interaction design builds upon the functional requirements to define the function of the product and user interaction.

Information architecture builds upon the content requirements to define how the content will be structured and arranged.


This is the fourth layer. The designer puts together the previous pieces to determine the visual form of the design. Here, the designer decides the flow of information and movement from one screen to the next. The designer makes sure that navigation is smooth and the presentation of information facilitates user understanding.


This is the final layer. It is the amalgamation of the layers below. The designer decides on the layout of the visuals, typography, styling, and colors. The designer finalizes the final ‘surface’ that the user is going to interact with to make it easy to use and navigate.




Sheza Munir
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