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What is Amazon Cognito?

Educative Answers Team

Amazon Cognito is a web service that allows developers to incorporate a robust user management system into their web and mobile applications.

Key features

1. Identity federation

Users can sign in using identity providers like Facebook, Google, and Microsoft Active Directory.

2. Multi-factor authentication

Cognito supports multi-factor authentication using modern methods like a one-time, time-based password.

3. Risk-based authentication

Depending on a user’s risk profile, Cognito can select the right authentication factors. For instance, upon a sign-in request from a new device, the user is prompted for additional credentials.

4. Access control for AWS resources

Developers can create roles and assign users to specific roles so that, for each user, the application only accesses resources that the user is authorized to access.

5. Encryption

In order to provide additional security, Cognito encrypts data that is either in transit or in storage.

To learn more, refer to the official website.


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