Query String

Learn how to construct a URL with a query string.

I am going to assume that you have used a project management tool, such as Jira or Target Process, in the past. Your application will want to interact with the APIsAPI is an abbreviation for Application Programming Interface. Let’s suppose Company (A) wants to share its product items with another Company (B). Company (A) decides to use an API to which Company (B) can make a request to retrieve the product details. This API would allow Company (B) access only if they are authorized. It is down to the API implementation to set these rules. One way to access ticket information in Jira is to use basic authentication, which combines your username and password and then encodes it with base64. There are alternatives, but that’s outside the scope of this course. of these tools when it wants to inspect a ticket or add a comment based on certain business rules. Web-based APIs (such as Jira’s JQL search feature) may require passing GET parameters. These parameters are appended to the endpoint you are targeting, which is called the query string. They are formatted as follows: ?param1=value1&param2=value2 etc.

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