Get Channel Properties

Learn to use Slack API calls to get various data from channels and the workspace.

In this lesson, we retrieve information from Slack’s Conversations API. This set of endpoints is useful when we create an application for different workspaces.

Let’s look at the following endpoints in this lesson:

  1. conversations.history: This endpoint fetches a channel’s history, including messages and events.
  2. This endpoint retrieves information about a channel.
  3. conversations.list: This endpoint lists all channels in a Slack team.
  4. conversations.members: This endpoint retrieves members of a channel.
  5. conversations.replies: This endpoint retrieves a thread of messages posted to a channel or chat.

Get message history

To acquire the message history, we access the endpoint. This endpoint allows us to get all the messages that have been sent in a channel. You’re advised to use the limit parameter so that the response is not too large.

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