Java is one of the most widely used languages in the world, and its environment, the JVM, is spread among many companies’ technology stacks worldwide. With Clojure being built on top of the JVM, its code is compiled to the same bytecode that the Java compiler would generate. Not only does Clojure benefit from the state-of-the-art technology but it also makes Java interoperability easier to achieve. The result is that Java interop with Clojure is both elegant and easy to use.

The availability of a good set of standard libraries for a programming language can be overwhelming. That’s because we not only need to learn the language but also learn how to code using the libraries. This is why Clojure has such a great advantage; being hosted on the JVM means that programs have instant access to literally thousands of libraries and frameworks without truly needing to use them. So we can code most parts of our programs in the advanced environment of Clojure and be able to cherry-pick any Java library when necessary.

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