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About this course

In this course, we will learn how to build easily scalable applications using Thymeleaf and Spring Boot. Throughout the course, we will learn their basic concepts as we create an application for a fictional basketball team called Thyme Wizards.

This course will also cover the use of unit and integration tests to ensure proper code functionality and how to build a maintainable codebase that we can expand upon later.

Later on, we’ll combine Thymeleaf and Spring Boot with Spring Data and Spring Security. As a result, we’ll establish a solid base of knowledge in no time!

Target audience

This course is well suited for anyone who wants to start building back-end applications with Java, Spring Boot, or Thymeleaf and provides all the necessities to start developing in these frameworks.

Since this course doesn’t cover the basics of Java, it is not recommended for complete beginners. It is mainly targeted at people who already have a bit of experience working with Java, although proficiency in similar languages like C# will be sufficient as well.

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