Knowing WYSIWYG Environment

This lesson will provide an introduction to how the WYSIWYG Development Environment works.

Running extensions in the WYSIWIG environment

First, we need to build a JAR file of the code that we have written for Burp Suite Extension. Follow the commands below to create the JAR file from code that will be writing in an online IDE. Always remember the online IDE code will be available in the /usercode directory.

## Change directory to /usercode
cd usercode

## remove the existing build folder if any
## build will contain your compiled classes
[ -d build ] && rm -rf build
mkdir build

## remove the existing bin folder if any
## bin will contain your JAR file
[ -d bin ] && rm -rf bin
mkdir bin

## compile the *.java file to *.class file
javac -d build src/burp/*.java

## create Jar archive which will be loaded in the Burp environment
jar cf bin/BurpExtenderOutput.jar -C build burp 

## If everything goes well, the output JAR file will be /usercode/bin directory.
  • Go to the loaded Burp Suite environment in the “Output” tab or the link provided in the Online IDE.
  • Go to the “Extender” tab.
  • Click on “Add”.
  • In Extension Details, select Java (Python or Ruby) in Extension Type and fetch the JAR file from the /usercode/bin directory.
  • Click “Ok”.

The extension will now become functional. Let’s try this in the next lesson.

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