Course Overview

Get an overview of the course, its prerequisites, and the intended audience.

What is an API?

Much like humans communicate with each other verbally or through gestures, softwares need an API to communicate with each other. An application programming interface or API connects one software endpoint to another. An API describes the URLs and method of sending data in request parameters to the API. The API then processes the data and sends back appropriate information in the form of a response. Therefore, the API enables communication between two software components or programs.

GitHub is a platform where millions of developers contribute to and learn from different software codes. GitHub offers Git, a version control system where developers can make changes to the source code/files and review or restore previous versions. GitHub provides an opportunity to build a community where numerous developers can work on the same project.

Here are some GitHub essentials:

  • Repositories
  • Branches
  • Collaborators
  • Deployments
  • Commits
  • Search
  • Projects
  • Pull requests and Release

The GitHub API course requires the learner to have a beginner-level understanding of the following:

  • APIs
  • GitHub
  • Python

Intended audience

This course is suitable for any learner who wants to explore the GitHub API. The learner can be any of the following:

  • A developer who wants to explore GitHub’s API.
  • A professional who wants to manage the processes from creating repositories to merging the content for the final release.