List and Filter Videos

Learn how to perform different operations on videos using Dailymotion Data API.


The video object is one of the integral objects provided by Dailymotion. The video object behaves like a container that wraps the information about the video content available on Dailymotion. We can access this information directly or by using Data API.

In this lesson, we'll see the following endpoints of Data API related to the video object:

  • {base_url}/videos
  • {base_url}/video/{VIDEO_ID}

Get a list of videos

An HTTP GET request is used to retrieve a list of videos. The /videos is appended to the base URL of Dailymotion API, which is

Let's run the code below and try to retrieve videos through the HTTP GET request:

Note: The code below extracts VIDEO_ID to be used later, so don't forget to save the extracted value.

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