List and Get Channels Information

Learn and practice how to retrieve a list of channels, apply filters, and sort the channels using the Dailymotion Data API.


A channel is a digital space where a registered user can upload videos of different categories. In this lesson, we'll see the following endpoints of Data API related to the channel object:

  • {base_url}/channels
  • {base_url}/channels/{CHANNEL_ID}

The API supports the GET method for the channel object of Dailymotion. This method can either retrieve all the channels or output information of a specific channel according to its ID.

Get the list of channels

The /channels endpoint utilizes the HTTP GET method to retrieve a list of channels. This endpoint returns the same fields we have seen earlier. The list array contains the description, id, and name of a channel. However, if we want to retrieve some other fields or filter the results, we need to specify the fields accordingly.

Let's retrieve a list of channels in the code widget below:

Note: The code below extracts an ID to be used later, so don't forget to save the extracted value.

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