Challenge: Find If a Subarray with a Sum Equal to 0 Exists

Given an array with positive and negative integers, can you extract a contiguous sub-array from it which adds up to zero? A solution is placed in the "solution" section to help you, but we would suggest you try to solve it on your own first.

Problem Statement

In this problem, you have to implement the findSubZero() function to check whether a given array has a contiguous subarray with a sum equal to zero. An illustration is also provided for your understanding.

Function Prototype:

boolean findSubZero(int[] arr);

Here, arr is an Integer array.


It returns true if a contiguous subarray exists with a sum equal to 0, or else the function returns false.

Sample Input

arr = {6, 4, -7, 3, 12, 9}

Sample Output



The SubArray from index 1 to 3 has sums equal to zero, i.e.

arr[1] + arr[2] + arr[3] = 0

4 - 7 + 3 = 0

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