Solution: Find Two Numbers That Add Up to K


Given an array of integers, nums, and an integer target, k, find two numbers in the array that sum up to the target k.

There is exactly one solution for each input, and each element of the array can only be used once in the solution. The order of the returned elements does not matter.


  • 22 \leq nums.length 103\leq10^3

  • 105-10^5\leq nums[i] 105\leq 10^5

  • 105-10^5\leq k 105\leq10^5

Solution 1: Naive approach

The naive approach involves iterating through the entire array and, for each element, checking if there’s another element that, when added to it, equals the specified target, k. This is achieved by using a nested loop, where each loop iterates over the entire array. Essentially, it compares each element with every other element in the array to find a pair that sums up to the target k.

Let’s look at the code for this solution below:

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