Challenge: Find the k Smallest Elements in an Array

If you are given an array and any number "k", can you write a code to find the "k" smallest elements using a Min Heap?

Problem Statement

In this problem, you have to implement the findKSmallest() function to take an array as input and find the “k” smallest elements in the array using Min Heap. An illustration is also provided for your understanding.

Function Prototype

int[] findKSmallest(int []arr,int k);

Here, arr is an unsorted integer array and k is an integer.


It returns the integer array containing first k smallest elements from arr

Sample Input

    arr = [9,4,7,1,-2,6,5]        
    k = 3

Sample Output



As “k” is 3, we need to find the top 3 minimum elements from the given array. -2 is minimum value in the array, while 1 is the second-minimum, and 4 is the third-minimum.

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