Challenge: Find Two Numbers that Add Up to "n"

Given an array and a number "n", find two numbers from the array that sums up to "n". Implement your solution in Java and see if your output matches with the correct output.

Problem Statement #

In this problem, you have to implement the int[] findSum(int[] arr, int n) function, which will take a number n, and an array arr as input and returns an array of two integers that add up to n in an array. You are required to return only one such pair. If no such pair found then simply return the array.

Function Prototype #

int[] findSum(int[] arr, int n)

Output #

An array with two integers a and b that add up to a given number.

Sample Input #

arr = {1, 21, 3, 14, 5, 60, 7, 6}
value = 27

Sample Output #

arr = {21, 6} or {6, 21}

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