Solution: Handle Multiple Elements with Directives

Here’s the solution to the task on handling multiple elements with directives as well as the expected result and explanation.

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The solution relies on these four major points:

  • Using NgFor to display inputs.
  • Providing a directive that gathers value from the single input.
  • Using ViewChildren to access all inputs and get their values.
  • Getting the values.


Using NgFor is very straightforward:

<input type="text" *ngFor="let _ of array"/>

The directive to gather the value is very similar to the one from the previous lesson. We only have to change getter to fetch the value instead of the checked property:

  selector: 'input[appText][type="text"]'
export class TextDirective {

  public get value(): string {
    return this.elementRef.nativeElement.value;

  constructor(private elementRef: ElementRef) {

We can use this as follows:

<input appText type="text" *ngFor="let _ of array"/>

Now, here’s the ViewChildren assignment:

@ViewChildren(TextDirective) texts: QueryList<TextDirective>;

Finally, we get the values using a map operator. However, we can use a forEach as well:

save() {
    // Map values using the TextDirective API
    const texts = this.texts?.map(text => text.value);


Here’s the complete solution:

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