Add, List, and Remove a File Member

Learn how to add a new file member, get a list of all members with access to a file, and remove a specific file member using the Dropbox API.

In this lesson, we’ll learn about the sharing namespace offered by the Dropbox API. The endpoints of this namespace are used to create and manage shared links and folders. We’ll explore the following operations in this lesson:

  • add_file_member
  • list_file_members
  • remove_file_member_2

Note: The endpoints of the sharing namespace only support applications with full Dropbox access. For example, if you’ve created an application that has “App folder” access, then this endpoint won’t work.

Add a member to a file

The /sharing/add_file_member endpoint adds a user to a file. This endpoint requires us to enable the sharing.write permission to perform this task.

Request parameters

Let’s see which parameters we can pass to this endpoint call.

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