Introduction to the Course

Get familiar with Dropbox API, as well as the prerequisites and intended audience for this course.

Dropbox is one of the most widely used cloud storage services similar to Microsoft OneDrive or Google Drive. It allows users to store, share, and manipulate files and folders.

History of Dropbox

The founders of Dropbox initially founded a company named Evenflow, Inc. in 2007, which was then later renamed to Dropbox, Inc. Their aim was to provide a more efficient solution to file storage, including the ability to edit them, access them remotely, and share them with other users.

Mission of Dropbox

Dropbox is working to design a comprehensive and well-integrated virtual work platform. Previously, providing better work experience was equivalent to syncing our files. However, with the increasing workload, it became necessary to design products that can help reduce supplementary work so users can focus on important projects.

Space and plans

Currently, Dropbox is offering 5 plans starting from Basic, Plus, Professional, Family, and Dropbox Business. A user can switch to their desired plan anytime they want.

Intended audience

This API course is useful for the following audience:

  • Any individual who wants to learn how to manipulate files and folders programmatically.
  • Students who satisfy the prerequisites and want to start to learn about interesting APIs.
  • Professionals that have experience with APIs and want to utilize services provided by the Dropbox API.


In this course, we’ll explore different endpoints of the Dropbox API, so it’s important for us to have a basic understanding of APIs. We’ll need to make calls to the endpoints using HTTP requests and the Python programming language. Therefore, the requirements to take this course are as follows:

  • A basic understanding of APIs.
  • A basic understanding of HTTP requests.
  • Fundamentals of Python programming language.