Certificates FAQ

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Certificate Eligibility Criteria

  1. Have paid access to the course content.
  2. Passed all course assessments, if any.
  3. Spent sufficient time on each course. This is dependent on the estimated course completion time.

Certificate Payments

I have access to a course, but I am being asked to buy the certificate.

If you are shown the “Buy Certificate” option, this means that you have not paid for the course. You may have course access from a scholarship, team trial or zero priced course. In these cases, you can purchase a certificate for a fixed price (currently $19 for one).

Alternatively, you can purchase a subscription, which includes certificates.

I completed a course, but my subscription/course access is now expired. Can I claim certificates for my completed courses?

You must have paid access to the course at the time you want to claim the certificate. Once your access expires, you will not be able to claim the certificate.

Claiming Certificates:

I have paid for the certificate but my certificate is still locked.

A certificate is unlocked once you have met the eligibility criteria: spent sufficient time (calculated by user interactions) on the course and have passed all assessments in the course if any.

Marking a course as complete does not unlock the certificate.

My certificate is unlocked and I can see the “Claim Certificate” button even though I have not completed the course.

It is possible to spend the required time to be eligible for the certificate before completing all lessons. In this case, the “Claim Certificate” button will appear automatically and upon clicking it, the certificate will be issued immediately.

I was asked to enter my legal name when I tried to claim a certificate. I want to change my legal name.

The first time you claim a certificate, you will be asked to provide your legal name. The legal name is printed on the certificate and is also shown on the certificate verification page.

Once submitted, the legal name is non-editable. Certificates can only be claimed by the Educative account holder.

If you want to change your legal name, you must submit a request to support@educative.io. If the request is approved and the admin updates the legal name:

  • All certificates with original legal name are revoked.
  • All verification urls (you might have shared on any social media) are now invalid.

You must resubmit certificate requests for the desired courses. Please keep in mind that if you no longer have paid access to courses for which you had certificates under the original legal name, you would not be able to claim your certificates again.

All new certificates that will be issued for that account will contain your new legal name. New verification url links would be generated for each which you can share on social media.

I own unlimited access subscription, I spent a lot of time on a course which now has a certificate. Do I need to read the course again?

Not really, we have been logging learner interactions for quite some time now and the time a learner has spent on a course is not tied to the launch date of certificates. You might have spent the required time on a course months before we launched certificates but it would still count towards your progress of claiming the certificate.

If I do not pass the course assessment, do I get any additional attempts?

You must wait for 7 days since your last attempt date to receive another bonus attempt. You will receive a final bonus attempt after another 7 days from the last attempt. You must pass the assessment in order to claim the certificate.

General Questions:

Once my access expires, does my certificate become invalid?

Unless you change your legal name on the certificate, claimed certificates last for a lifetime and do not expire.

Can I add the certificate on LinkedIn?

You can add the certificate to your LinkedIn profile using the ‘Add to profile’ button provided on the certificate verification page. You must be logged in to use this feature. The button redirects you to a pre-filled form on LinkedIn. The form contains all the details of your certificate.

In which formats can I download the certificate?

You may download the certificate as a PNG or a PDF.