Educative Authors FAQ

Who are Educative Learners?

Whether you’re looking to become a developer, grow your skills, or prepare for an upcoming interview, Educative’s expert authors can get you there!

Our learners include:

  • Aspiring developers and engineering professionals.

  • Developers and engineering professionals who want to grow their skillset.

  • Developers and engineering professionals who are preparing for coding interviews.

How is Educative different from other online learning platforms?

Educative is a hands-on learning platform for software developers of all levels. Our interactive, text-based courses are built from the ground up to teach you the skills employers are looking for.

We provide tools like in-browser coding environments and interview-focused assessments to help you practice as you learn. Learners can find courses on coding languages (e.g., Python, Java, etc.), security, machine learning, cloud computing, and so much more.

How many learners use Educative?

Educative is proud to host courses for millions of learners globally!

How can I become familiar with Educative courses?

We offer several options for you to check out Educative courses before you get started:

  • Free Courses
    Educative offers several free courses, including courses that teach you from scratch, which are designed for learning a new coding language.

  • Free 7‑day Educative Trial
    With our extensive library of hands-on content, you’ll be able to learn anything you put your mind to. Your free trial will give you access to the vast majority of our courses.

  • Preview Lessons
    Every Educative course has FREE preview lessons, so you can check out the course before you buy it.

To start your trial, visit us at

Do you accept course topics not listed in your current catalogue?

Yes, we’re constantly seeking courses in known and emerging technologies such as Web3.0, blockchain, and cryptocurrency.

Please contact our Author Acquisition team via the Become an Author form to discuss course topics.


What is the process for creating a course?

When you submit your information via the Become an Author form, you’ll be connected to our Author Acquisition team. They will guide you through your proposed course topic and outline.

Once your outline is accepted, you’ll work with the Author Success team, and a dedicated Author Success Coordinator will serve as your go-to resource as you create your interactive course. Your Author Success Coordinator will also engage Educative’s technical reviewers, digital illustrators, and the editorial team to ensure your course is the very best it can be.

How long will it take to author a new Educative course?

Writing a course can take three months or more, depending on the length of your course and how much time you can dedicate to it. In addition to writing the text, you will use Educative’s interactive widgets to create coding exercises, quizzes, projects, and more. 

Can I adapt my published book into an interactive Educative course?

Yes! We would be delighted to evaluate your previously published book, as long as you own the copyrights (i.e., it is self-published). If your book is a good fit for Educative learners, we will work with you to adapt your book into an interactive course. To create the best quality interactive course from your book, we will request your assistance in creating coding exercises, quizzes, assessments, and projects.

Our Author Acquisition team can guide you on how we work with existing content.

What makes a good course on Educative?

Learners prefer courses with a coherent structure, clear language, and interactive elements to practice the concepts being taught. We recommend that authors include:

  • Executable codes: Depending on the topic, embedded coding environments may be essential.

  • Illustrations: In addition to text, explain the technical concepts with illustrations.

  • Exercises: Allow learners to practice concepts by including coding challenges, quizzes, and assessments.

  • Projects: Incorporate a project in your course, so the learner has a project to show their accomplishment.

  • Interactivity: All of the features mentioned above add interactivity to a course.

How will Educative guide me in creating my course?

Your dedicated Author Success Coordinator will guide you through the course creation process and share our internal knowledge base, so you can create the best course for Educative learners.

Will my name be on the course?

Yes! We are honoured to partner with so many talented authors from around the world. Your course material will be credited to you and will be highlighted in your Educative Author profile. 

An author's profile is a brief description of your professional interests and achievements, which is linked to your course after it is published. It fosters a connection with the learner and adds legitimacy to the course. Your profile also contributes to your personal brand and can be shared on social media and/or your personal website.


When will I receive my revenue share?

For authors eligible for a revenue share, you will receive your revenue share every month on the 15th for sales from two calendar months ago. So, for example, if a learner buys a course subscription in January, you will receive the associated revenue share on March 15. If a learner buys a course subscription in February, you will receive the associated revenue share on April 15, and so on.

How do I report my earnings for tax purposes?

Depending on your region and currency, you’ll report your earnings similar to contract work. If you cross the IRS thresholds in a given calendar year, PayPal will send Form 1099-K to you and the IRS for that year by January 31. More details are available here.

If you do not meet the IRS thresholds or you are based outside the US, you may log in to your PayPal account and download your transaction activity or invoices to use in your tax filing.

If you need assistance completing forms, such as W8BEN, please contact

How will I be paid?

Authors are paid via PayPal. If PayPal does not support your country, please consult with your Author Success Coordinator to discuss payment options.

I need help with marketing. How will Educative help me promote my course?

Educative may promote a course through a variety of activities suitable to your course:

  • Email: Send emails to registered users to promote new courses and topics.

  • Social Media: Promote courses on Twitter, Facebook, and other social media platforms.

  • Blogs: Publish several blogs weekly on our site, as well as cross-post on other sites such as Medium,, etc.

  • Paid Ads: Post ads on Google, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Bing.

  • Influencer Marketing: Partner with influencers to promote the Educative site and specific courses.

  • Educative Answers: Answers are viewed by millions of learners every month. We create Answers that complement courses.

We also encourage authors to promote their course through:

  • Social media: Promote your course on your social media platforms.

  • Blog: Publish a complimentary blog on Educative and cross-post on other sites.

  • Answers: Create Answers that complement your course to drive more traffic.

  • Sessions: Share your story on our podcast and videocast. You may sign up via this form.

By working together to promote your course, we will reach a broader audience of learners!

I’m not quite ready to be an Author, but I’d love to contribute to Educative. How can I get involved?

If authoring a course at this time doesn’t quite align with your schedule or pursuits, you can still be published on Educative by contributing to Educative Answers, a free web encyclopedia written by devs for devs.