TMDB API Configuration

Learn some basic configuration of TMDB endpoints.

We'll cover the following


We can use the configuration endpoint to get the system-wide configuration information. We need this information because some elements of the API require knowledge of this configuration data. Our aim is to try and keep the actual API responses as light as possible. As per TMDB, it is recommended to cache this data within the application and check for updates every few days.

As of now, this method currently holds the data relevant to building image URLs as well as the change key map. However, we’ll focus only on the image URLs.

To build a valid image URL, you will need 3 parts of data. The base_url, size, and file_path. These values are returned as a part of the JSON response of the configuration endpoint. This endpoint doesn’t require any input query parameter, however, the objects in the output JSON response are as follows:

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