Tips to start building components on your web: use all the resources you can!

We’ll begin with resourcing. For the most part, you’ve probably had someone giving you the answers to questions, and maybe even giving you the questions to ask. This course has hopefully taught you a little bit more about which questions to ask at various points of building the app.

For many beginners, starting out is the hardest part about building an app (ironically, finishing is usually the hardest for veterans, they want to do the fun stuff and never end up shipping!). If the app doesn’t fit in the framework of something you’ve had exposure to, how do you start out?

First, describe your idea in more and more detail. Pretend you’re a product manager (which you pretty much are when you’re the only person building the app), and write specifications. They don’t have to be overly technical, but they should be exhaustive.

Then, do research to determine whether or not each step is possible, technically. This will become easier and easier as you build more, but when you’re first starting out, it’s completely understandable not to have a good sense of what’s possible. Pop quiz:

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