Conditional Statement

The most commonly used conditional statement in JavaScript is the if statement. It contains a conditional expression and a true branch, and it may contain a false branch. The true branch is executed when the conditional expression is true. The false branch, if present, is executed when the conditional expression is false. The following program demonstrates the use of the conditional statement.

Note: The true branch of the if statement starts the execution after the starting brace { and executes all the statements until the ending brace }.


if (conditional statement) { // no semicolon here
    // execution starts from here if the conditional statement is true

    // until here
} else { // no semicolon here
    // if the if branch is not executed then this part of the code is executed

    // until here

We want to write a program that determines eligibility for a driver’s license based on the age that has been input by the user. The eligible age should be 1818 or above.

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