What Next?

Learn even more ways to use the skills that you gained in this course.

We'll cover the following

Well done! We’ve learned about reading different media, editing images using various functions, and detecting edges, faces, contours and corners. We also completed a couple of real-life projects. Now you can write many C++ programs to solve your daily problems through OpenCV.

Utilize these skills

Keep exploring the ideas and concepts that you’ve learned in this course! Try solving some real-life problems using OpenCV. Here are a few project suggestions for you to work on:

  • Lane detection
  • Image filtering
  • Gesture recognition

There are still many more concepts and techniques in OpenCV that we didn’t get to touch upon here and have left for you to discover—the next step is to go out and find them! Here are some of the concepts you can start exploring:

  • Machine learning algorithms based on OpenCV
  • Vector machines
  • Artificial neural networks
  • Calibration using OpenCV, which helps to determine the intrinsic and extrinsic parameters of a camera, such as focal length and positions
  • Creating automatic test graders
  • Object trackers

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Keep coding!