About the Course

This course contains all the required topics and details needed to write an effective XPath expression without using any tools.

Welcome to the course

Welcome to Mastering XPath for Selenium! In this course, we will help you understand the basics of XPath, HTML, and DOM, as well as various ways of writing an effective XPath expression that is reliable and fast when used with Selenium for UI test automation.

Representation of UI automation flow using Selenium and XPath

Intended audience

This course is designed for QA engineers and developers who want to master the art of writing effective XPath expressions for UI test automation or for development purposes. It is designed for both beginner and intermediate level developers.


You don’t need any previous knowledge about test automation or XPath. We will learn all the required concepts along with the course.

Learning outcomes of the course

You will understand the basics of HTML and Document Tree.

You will learn about XPath and its basics.

You will learn about various Operators, Functions, Axes, ways to write Dynamic XPaths, and the differences between relative and absolute XPaths.

You will learn how to write XPath expressions interactively with code examples.

You will be able to write optimized and reliable XPaths without depending on any tools.