Development IDEs and Platforms

Learn about the development IDEs that are popularly employed for developing XR experiences.

XR development tools

Let’s discuss the tools VR developers need to construct a 3D world. Unity and Unreal Engine are the most popular game engines for development in VR. Let’s take a look at these resources.


Unity is one of the most widely-used free cross-platform game engines. It’s been used to make well-known games like Pokémon Go, Call of Duty, and Cuphead. 2D, 3D, and interactive simulations can all be made with this game engine. The advancement of VR has compelled Unity to include technical support. The direct VR mode in Unity has enabled VR creators to preview their work using a head-mounted display. Unity has a large community, which means it has a lot of resources and support. Unity offers extensive documentation.

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