Wrap Up

Let’s recap what we learned in this course.

That’s all, folks

Congratulations! You are up-to-date with advances in metaverse technologies, Web 3.0, and essential XR concepts. You got a sneak peek into the 3D internet of the future and got to develop an understanding of how 3D immersive technologies can impact businesses. We shared several demos across the lessons to further your knowledge of immersive technologies, and they are helping in a commercial setting. We also discussed essential VR concepts related to VR hardware and software to help you make better choices if you choose to harness immersive technologies in your business. Last but not least, we briefly discussed the VR market size and how to go about setting up a remote team. We hope this will prompt you to dig deeper into the opportunities offered by the metaverse and its associated technologies, and make your businesses adapt to the latest advances in the field.

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