An overview of what we learned in this course.

We'll cover the following

Wrap up!

SQL is more than just syntax. SQL is about being able to access data and gain insight from it. In this course, we learned and practiced different ways to analyze data and turn it into actionable information:

  • Basic anatomy of SQL: What each clause is doing and where it fits in the SQL order of execution.

  • Essential skills for data analysis: Making queries more readable, managing large queries using special SQL syntax, producing random data for practice and benchmarks, sampling, cleaning, and preparing data for analysis. All essential skills for professionals working with data.

  • Getting familiar with data: Using SQL functions to produce descriptive statistics on different types of datasets.

  • Grouping: Producing aggregates and subtotals at different levels.

  • Running and cumulative aggregation: Analyzing a time series using running and cumulative aggregates.

  • Interpolation: Different techniques to fill and replace missing data.

  • Binning: Grouping and bucketing data for visualizations or advanced analysis.

Congratulations on completing the course! You are now better equipped to handle the challenges of working with real data.

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