Python Regex Match ( ) function - Coding exercise

Test your Python Regex match() and group() function skills.

The Match Function Exercise

Let’s assume that we have a string variable called line, where line = "Learn to Analyze Data with Scientific Python" passed to a function called regex_processor() in the following code.

Can you find the word "Analyze" after the word "to"?

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import re
def regex_processor(line):
# Passed from the arg, line = "Learn to Analyze Data with Scientific Python"
m = re.match( r'(.*) to (.*?) .*', line, re.M|re.I)
# Replace the '0' with correct number (1 or 2?)
if m:
print (
print ("No match!!")

Your task is to replace the '?' on the line 9 with a correct group number (1 or 2) for the word Analyze.

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