Introduction to the Course

Here's a brief introduction to Wise API and what you’ll learn in this course.


With the evolution of the internet, the world is becoming more connected day by day. E-commerce is now in constant demand, and businesses worldwide are adopting it. Nowadays, businesses of every scale want to be present in the online market.

Sellers, products, buyers, and payments are the core elements of any market. An important difference between e-commerce and the traditional marketplace is that in the case of e-commerce, the buyers and sellers are not necessarily present in the same geographical location. For this reason, secure and fast payment gateways are key to enabling e-commerce. One of these gateways is Wise.

Wise, formerly known as TransferWise, is a money transfer platform that offers multiple solutions for its clients to send and receive money worldwide. The original idea behind this start-up was to transfer money beyond borders without having hidden markups in exchange rate fees. Today, Wise lets us hold, send, receive, and convert money in many currencies internationally.

API definition

An API is a software gateway that allows different components to communicate with each other. It helps expose the capabilities of an application to the outer world, allowing for programmatic access to the application’s data.

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API connecting software
API connecting software

Consider the case of a service like Wise Payouts API, which mainly provides a funds transfer capability. Building and exposing an API for this service will allow others to programmatically fetch the data this service offers, such as the exchange rate it provides in a transaction and the details of funds transferred using it.

Many popular services like YouTube, Reddit, and Google Maps also provide APIs for extended use cases. These services allow authorized clients to access the resources provided by them.

APIs offered

Wise provides several different APIs, including:

  • Payouts

  • Banks

  • Affiliates

  • Money Receiving

  • Open Banking

This course aims to familiarize learners with the Wise Payouts APIs and how to use them.

This is a beginner-level course, so the intended audience might be any of the following:

  • An individual who has basic knowledge and wants to learn how Wise API works and what functionalities it provides.
  • A professional who has ample knowledge and wants to integrate functionalities of Wise API into a product.
  • Any organization that wants to transfer money using Wise API.

We recommend that you’ve completed the following prerequisites in order to gain the most out of this course:

  • You have a basic understanding of APIs.
  • You’re familiar with the HTTP request format and the JavaScript programming language.
  • You have a basic understanding of money transfer gateways.