Travis CI is a hosted continuous integration service used to build and test software projects hosted on GitHub, Bitbucket, and more. Travis CI uses a YAML syntax to define configurations on how to build a project.

Travis CI configurations are defined in the .travis.yml file at the root folder of our project.

Travis CI uses some common terminologies that are important to understand.


A build is a collection of jobs that run in sequence. When all jobs are completed, we say a build is finished.


A stage is a group of jobs that run in parallel as part of a sequential build process. We could have a test stage that runs a unit test job, integration test job, and an end-to-end job.

One important thing to note is that stage groups of jobs that run both in parallel and in different stages run sequentially.


A job is an automated process that starts with cloning our repository into a virtual environment and executing a set of instructions (steps) on the


A phase is a sequential step of a job.

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