Wrap Up

This lesson concludes the course and provides you with some recommendations and details about how to offer us feedback.

We'll cover the following

That's the end of our course! We have covered a range of topics related to time series analysis with Python.


Some of the main topics included:

  • Introduction to time series and its properties.

  • Working with time series data in pandas.

  • Visualizing time series.

  • Identifying time series properties such as trend, seasonality, and stationarity.

  • Basic and advanced forecasting methods.

  • Evaluating forecasts.

Overall, this course provided a solid foundation in time series analysis with Python. We learned how to work with time series data in pandas, how to visualize it, and how to apply various forecasting methods to make predictions.

Next steps

To continue your learning journey, here are some suggestions for next steps:

  • Practice using the techniques learned in this course on your own time series data.

  • Explore additional forecasting methods and techniques.

  • Look for opportunities to apply time series analysis in your own work or projects.

  • Consider taking more advanced courses or tutorials on time series analysis to deepen your knowledge and skills.

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