VETRO Pattern

Learn the VETRO design pattern and its usage.


The VETRO pattern combines multiple sequential actions taken on a message into a consistent structure with well-defined responsibilities. It has many variations. One such variation is the VETO pattern, which excludes the route step

Context and problem

Camel is a lightweight integration framework. In the same way that it can scale down and be used for ad hoc protocol bridging only, it can also scale up and be part of a fully-fledged ESB with hundreds of routes. When the number of Camel routes is that large, it becomes a different challenge for all parties involved, which is as follows:

  • The architects have to design new services with manageable complexities.

  • The development team must develop, test, and debug multiple new routes in a short time.

  • The DevOps team must understand and provide 24/7 support for all these processing flows in production.

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