Handling Payment Refunds

Learn how to handle refunds in Stripe with Laravel.


Sometimes, there can be disputes between customers and business owners, necessitating refunds. The following are some of the reasons to refund payments:

  • Cancellation or return of goods/services

  • Billing errors

  • Customer dissatisfaction

  • Fraud prevention

  • Promotional or loyalty programs

  • Legal or regulatory requirements

  • Accidental payments

  • Warranty claims

  • Disputed charges

To cope with these disputes, Stripe provides the functionality to refund payments. By going through the following steps, we can implement a refund in Stripe:

Step 1: Import the required Stripe libraries

To refund a payment, Stripe provides one library: Stripe\Price.

Step 2: Refund payments using Stripe

As shown in the code snippet below, we configure a charge, then we use its product ID to refund the payment.

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