This chapter gives you a brief overview of what has been covered in this course.

So, you are here! It is great to see you have completed the guide, and I hope you enjoyed the journey.

This course was intended to acquaint you with developing basic Angular applications using key concepts like data binding and state management.

You covered the following concepts that have probably prepared you for developing enterprise-level apps now.

  • Basic building blocks (components, modules, etc.)
  • Data binding
  • Component communication
  • Routing and navigation
  • CRUD (Asynchronous operations)
  • Services
  • State management
  • Login and Authentication

Use the SPA examples given in the lessons to play around and develop new features. The best way to dive into the Angular ecosystem is to start with a concept you don’t get or is stopping you from developing a certain feature and then understand why it works the way it does.

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