Last Words

Thank you for taking this course! Good luck in your future React endeavors!

We'll cover the following

This has been a lengthy discourse on Advanced React Patterns with Hooks. If you don’t get all of it yet, spend a little more time practicing these patterns in your day to day work, and I’m pretty sure you’ll get a hang of it real quick. When you do, go be a React engineer building highly reusable components with advanced hook patterns.

Last Words

Thank you for joining me on this journey on teaching Advanced React Patterns with Hooks. As I sit in my room typing these last words with eyes pale from working since midnight, I do hope that this course has helped you learn one or two things. Heck! more than two things, I’d say.

If that’s the case, I couldn’t be any happier.

Do have a successful career, and practice what you’ve learnt here.


- Ohans Emmanuel

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